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My name is Peters Mhoja, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) of the company 's Music Studio Of Learning Of Sweden AB. I'm sukuma by tribe of Shinyanga - Tanzania. For now, our whole family ( clan ) lives in Kahama - Shinyanga. I live in Sweden . My work history in a nutshell is as follows. Since 1975 I have worked as a telecommunication technician to the East African Posts & Telecommunications (Tanzania region) later thus became Tanzania Posts & Telecommunications and then shifted to the Government ministry as an electronic technician. I left Tanzania on 8 September 1980 to study further (Electrical Engineering -Electronics ) to Russia until late in 1989 , I had the opportunity of work in Sweden.

I came to Sweden on 6 February , 1990 after getting all my paperwork necessary for a permit to live and work as a telecommunication technician wit the company of Ericsson (Gävle) in the department of Radio Base Station ( RBS ). To get more opportunity to work without barriers and some sort of boundaries in my work it was good to take the citizenship of Sweden.So I did.

In 2010 the company Ericsson in Gävle city where I was working, decided to transfer its work to the other country outside of Sweden. All employees were given the opportunity to choose either to continue to work to another city of Sweden or stop work freely and voluntarily. I decided to leave. We have to work to 31st December , 2011. I decided to stop work voluntarily to do something that my soul was saying to me, and which I waited to do for many years . I was very eager to do something to use my knowledge and technical expertise I received from the European companies to take it to Tanzania . I saw something that I can do is set up a company that would be more beneficial for most people of Tanzania . I saw an opportunity to give this is to set their own working studio in Europe and giving them opportunities to use hero music / film in Europe and the world. To exchange with them the knowledge and expertise of each other "live " . I began deriving Company Music Studio Of Learning Of Sweden AB. This was not just the matter of surprise.

Since I was a little boy I loved music . The 1970s , I was choirmaster of Uchama Upper Primary School - Nzega and a player plays . In 1974 when I was studying at Dar es Salaam Technical College , I joined a band that was called Tanzania Jazz Band- at Livingstone Street in Dar es Salaam which belongide to Mzee Bayuni. I was as a singer.

In 1978 for a special time I had the opportunity to do work with the technical experts from Sweden to Radio Tanzania Dar es salaam- RTD . While working the technical works at the radio station RTD . We installed radio equipment "Toresim", I got a chance to see radio technicians of RTD in the studio recording bands various forthcoming recording songs inspire in our struggle and beast Idd Amin 1978 and 1979. Up today the same thing remained on my head. To build MSOL-AB is not by chance there's long history behind it connected to my own life.

For a long time I have been closely retrace our band and its musicians live miserable lives and when they disappear from the world they left everything in the band and the band ends there. I got chance to watch the first Tanzanian film "Fimbo Ya Mnyonge" played by a Tanzanian artist Yombayomba. It was a very good film. Yombayomba played the real Tanzanian life reality altogether. But after the destruction of the tape, it was the end of the film. To this day no one knows that we have had a film and no one knows even the where about of the artist Yombayomba of our Fimbo Ya Mnyonge. We do not know whether alive or not. We had our artists to radio plays as well as Pwagu and Pwaguzi , Ramadan Mwanahewa, Mzee Jongo and many others , no one remembers them . Bongomovie artists gather in honor fellow artists such as Kanumba, Idon't think they know anything about these old artists. I ask them to remember them too the old artists , who are their parents in their work.

The situation is similar for music and our musicians . But for this Tanzania not only are likewise in some other African countries . MSOL-AB will seek to use modern and expertise to better use its professionals , do as they do in developed countries keeping and protecting all of artists work for those who will be its customers. The money in sales of all work presented will be given to the artists or to next of kin, depends how the artist will direct in his/her will and provide full contact for the whole life.

In wanting to understand how it would work, MSOL - AB will effectively and achieve the goal. MSOL - AB we concentrated our research interviewing experts to share with the musicians and talk with them , and I also discussed such things with Distributors of world music . I have succeeded to make the "network " with the biggest World Distributors . And it was to find methods of upgrading musicians of Tanzania ( Tanzania kwanza) with different levels of education, and I continue to do extensive research with Distributors to understand the reasons which and what make Tanzania exclude music in the world market. I came to understand that our music is thinner and has many holes , it's not quite the language's barrier. Just some technical reason in recording, mixing, mastering and even promoting . Music has its own language of the world. To keep yourself in a state of uncertainty and what I described with Distributors , I took a course at the University of Music at Stockholm SAE Institute. I took the course " Electronic Music Production " - I saw that most of our music is recorded, mixed and re - mastered and even exist in very low level . In order to make our music to be listened in the ears with other people in the world we need to fill the holes contained in our music to reach the tickness in rate hearings.

MSOL - AB is a company that will be of all the nations on earth as we intended. We'll never change anything in anyone's music . Music will remain the same is the Tanzanian example , the Bongo Fleva , Hipop , Gospel , Dance or Taarab . At all times we would love the musician 's comments as he will suggest his music to be. I as the Director General of the MSOL - AB, I'd be happy if I got close collaboration of NAC-National Arts Council (BASATA) and COSOTA-The Copyrights Society Of Tanzania . The idea is to lift up the level of our music/films . I'll be improving every thing I will meet with all kinds of challenges to ensure that the music and film of Tanzania wins the world market .

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MSOL-AB - The light of artists to their long walk to succsses

Peters Mhoja / CEO / MSOL - AB


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