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Artists of Tanzania " Your rash have got someone to scrape "!
Tanzania's artists'cry have heard to Sweden.
Music Studio Of Learning Of Sweden AB in short form MSOL - AB. It is Work And Education. MSOL-AB - The light of artists for their long walk to success .

The main activity of MSOL - AB is :

  1. Providing education on world market ( Marketing) concerning the music / movie. Education on how to run the business of music / film and how to get the international market inside and outside. To help the artists to get their payments when their artistsic works have been sold out for the appropriate work with the Artist Musician / film inside and outside of Tanzania.
  2. Providing education on Music Legislation (Law) and film. How to write contracts regarding music and movie. And how to protect the works of Artist Musician / Film and also how to prevent the piracy all the way in and out of Tanzania . MSOL-AB would like to work closer with COSOTA in this.
  3. Music and film Recording, Mixing, Mastering using modern studio equipment ( digitalized ) and music Promoting. This section will take longer and especially in musicvideos or film for each participant. So that each musician or film will get enough time to do their artistic works instead of rushing of work because of short time provided. After completion of mixing , there will be a panel of experts on music or film to discuss and analyze its components. All work for each subject ( all tracks that will be nominatted to go through subject, will be discussed ) and after being satisfied with all amendments done, music / film will be stored in USB and CD / DVD original to be sent for further action in the following order below.
  4. To send the music or film for Mastering using the Mastering Experts only . In this section are well advised to give professionals to make it work than make mastering yourself who you did recording and mixing the music / film , because if you do that for yourself who you recorded and mixed you will repeat the mistakes that was done during recording and mixing because you'll like to keep your own interests and to keep something you like for yourself alone. The most fundamental reason of doing that here is purely technical. It is that everyone has the ability to hear some sound that no one else can hear. Inorder to solve such problem, give others to listen, they might find som sound that you could not detect with your ear to hear. Give them the chance to listen and judge . These professionals know much about how to solve the problem. That is why you will find that we different people we differ in interests in musics and certain types of music around the world.
  5. To send the music / film that have been passed by music professionals or film to which have been agreed with the Musician / artis for the productions and handeover to her/his albums to Distributors . Distributors as usuall will and can accept or reject if they listen to the music or watch the film and will not be satisfied with its componets. All and only the album is made passed from their opinion , ostensibly to meet the world level and that it may preference world. The Distributors use only 15 seconds to evaluet and pass the music to decied to go through. Every track of music is just 15 seconds for Distributors listen for them and make a decision . Those albums or singles of music which will pass through will be promoted in thousends deferent radio and tv stions. The albums will be advertised in their vessels worldwide media . MSOL-AB as a Promotor of artists will also his Director in his position will walk every aspect in Sweden and outside of Sweden to promot the artists work.
  6. MSOL - AB along with a musician or artist who have not reached the Distributor's level of to the international level. MSOL-AB will make a deal with the Musician/artist and legal contracts how to produce albums those perfect albums others who would be willing to take a job that would lay out the status of their Company recording work below standard, with a special legal agreement . Agreement between MSOL-AB and the musician shall be limited to those albums. The agreement also will be whether to do the reproductions of these albums in Tanzania on Audio, VCD and DVD for the domestic market without using the name of MSOL-AB. Since the musician himself will be penetrated market knowledge, law , meet experts music / film and also gain knowledge of recording and mixing of music / film using digital technology studio with , he would have learned things develop him or her . Music / Movies it will be at a reasonable rate than previously before coming to the course of MSOL-AB -in Sweden. Work and well-rounded album of MSOL - AB and approved by the Distributors , a ban is made again to re-produce in Audio , CD or DVD out of Sweden.
  7. If you Can not come to us to Sweden you can emailing your music on DEMO to us. We have a studio in Tanzania who can help you to record your demo. Emailing your "demo" of music, movie to us so we can help you out with the mixing, mastering and promoting worldwide your music or film. Send your demos to us and we will help you.
  8. MSOL-AB can also take by a special agreement with you, will take your albums, singles or audio cassettes of your music or film to have listened and analyzide with our panel of experts to see whether can be sold in the international market and whether the experts will feel to be re-mixed and re-mastered and then be distributed in the international media.

If you decide to come to Sweden for MSOL - AB courses shall be of two weeks to three months following the participant how he will like to learn. MSOL will be taking BongFleva, Bongomovie , RnB , Hip Hop, Rock , Gospel , Zouk , Dance and Taarab . Participants must not be less than three and not exceeding twenty participants at once. ONLY those who shall have paid the full payment of the course in full will get vizas and tickets.

After participants complete their payments, MSOL will use these funds to:
Buy tickets to and from Tanzania / Sweden for each participant. Reimbursement of Participants cave when Sweden and outside of Sweden as they got a chance to give concert. The cost of food for participants in Sweden and other countries as they got a chance to give concert

  • Buy tickets to and from Tanzania / Sweden for each participant
    Reimbursement of Participants cave when Sweden and outside of Sweden as they got a chance to give concert
  • The cost of food for participants in Sweden and other countries as where they will get a chance to give concert
  • Cost of Teachers (Market and Law) MSOL - AB which will hire them and classes which participants will be using to conduct the course.
  • Payment for the INSURANCE of participants in Sweden and outside Sweden not out of EU, when the participant get sick or incase of death to take back the participant body back to her/his home country.
  • Payment of the cost of hiring professionals music / film Sweden. Panel of Judges who will judge the music / film which continues forward to Distributors . Payments will vary due to the varied needs of participants / our artists e.g pop, rock, hip pop, RnB , Gospel or Taarabu, all professional music MSOL - AB Will get a writte Specialist with expertise in the field of music

BongoFleva is the name granted to Basically music of various genres major done in the English language. This is a mix of Pop , Hip - Hop, Jazz , R & B, Reggae / Dancehall , and any music genre That can be tapped and customized by the use of the English language. Bongofleva comes from two words , ' Bongo ' a Swahili slang word for ' Brain ' Which means ' brain ' is commonly used to Represent survival means in city of Da - es - salaam and ' Flava ' Which is ' flavor ' . BongoFleva is Tanzanian urban music representing the music of today 's Tanzania and is idely accepted locally .

Tanzania frame going Through privatization era and most Youngsters Had access to the U.S. Hip Hop music Which Had a huge impact to the youth.

The rapid rise of Bongoflava , though discouraged , caused the increase in demand for recording studios , and the year 2000 welcomed a fresh wave of artists WHO wanted to do more than rap. They wanted to sing and so THEY did and sing the new, more Involved frame Bongoflava born. They also sing about the timeless classic Conflict That is, love . Bongoflava saw wonderful collaborations with Other industries Such as the movies and fashion industry.

Dance and Live Band ( Dance )
Dance music is also very popular and has a good following amongst the older generation Mostly . Played live with a band with a fusion sound of Rhumba , originally from Cuba and Lingala music Originally from Congo . Although it it is made ??up of These fusions , it is idely referred to as Jazz music for the unmistaken jazz sound with Which Begins with EACH song before it upgrades, if you will , to a more Rhumba and Lingala sound. The Dance music is the music for the mature or youth with a more mature ear .

Taarab music is a fusion of sound from South Asia , Sub - Saharan Africa, North Africa , the Middle East and Europe sung in English rhythmic poetic style. It is a Lively art form springing from a classical culture , immensely popular with women . Taarab forms a major part of the social life of the Swahili people along the coastal Areas especially Zanzibar , Tanga and even, in Mombasa and Malindi Further along the Kenya coast . Some say That Taarab is of Egyptian origin . Legends like Sinti Bin Saad and Ms. Kidude Were not the most popular Taarab hangers .

Gospel Music
Gospel music is done with a Tanzanian twist Using the English language. In Tanzania gospel music is the Leading genre is record sales and concert ATTENDANCE . Gospel is so popular , the first artist to get an international recording label deal I ngs this genre of music.

Payments to record and mix in studio and payments Sound Engineers

The cost of paying Musicans who will be playing the "live " in the recording and mixing/re- mixing music . It is recommended not properly use electrical components in making music , since your music is going to be identical and colleagues who use the same device some where in the world in the same bit of sound . The result your music could not be sold since you did not reach to the level to compare with your first partner to use a vase.

Payments for Mastering to the Mastering experts
Payment to get special CODE which will be used for identification and protection of music / film to be re-recorded illegally by pirates around the world

Payment of making album for Distributors . The only music you see prevalent rate, and make payments in the radio broadcast , television, print and Internet. Payment of making albums in the studio for some music that will not be passed by Distributors in the world market and instead are produced for the domestic market of Tanzania to participants musicians / artists from Tanzania so that they will not go back home back empty-handed

Payment of Interpreter throughout the study and recording of work and mixing. All participants will upon request vizas to come to Sweden for the course of the MSOL - AB will get their visas without interruption after MSOL - AB send the list of participants who had given their full due. Payment of passport and visa would be on their own for participants . Future plans of the MSOL - AB is building modern music studio in Tanzania , to facilitate recording music / films. MSOL-AB is ready to joint venture with anyone who is ready to do to work together with us who together will succeed to develop to wipe piracy OUT of Tanzania .

Peters Mhoja / CEO / MSOL - AB


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