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The followings are the lists of Musicians of Tanzania who I've talked with them live by telephones in my business investigations while I was projecting the MSOL-AB. It was about Music and movies;-

  1. Music and film artistics production Justice (Legislation) and Protections
  2. Marketing (Entreprenouerial)
  3. High technology on Music and film Production

Artists name and the date we talked and what was the responce from the artist:-
Thanks alot every one of you. You gave me strength to making this big, Special and Wonderful Company in earth on artists

  1. Bwana Misosi tel. +255-713 ......90 and +255-......55 on 21st march, 2013. It was a Good Idea he welcomed me to go on with it
  2. Hussein Machozi +255-718......28. On 21st march, 2013. He said, it was a Good idea he welcomed me to go on with it
  3. Babu Tale +255-754-......13 and +255-715------33 on 23rd march,2013. He said it was a Good idea. He welcomed me to go on with it. On his opinion he suggested to me to prepare the course for the LEADERS and MSOL-AB included his idea in is program
  4. Dayna +255-716......00 on 23rd march,2013. She responded postively and said it was a Good idea, she told me to go on with it
  5. Fid Q +255-713......51 on 1st april,2013. He was very busy that day, but he liked the project and said, it was a Good idea, he told me to go on with it
  6. Fella (TMK) +255-713......14 on 5th april,2013. He was more exited and joyed to hear such a project and he real waited it to be in operation and he will use MSOL with his groups to get education and technical know how on artistic works
  7. Diamond Platznum at Home with Babu Tale +255-769......99 on 5th april,2013. He supported the idea and told me to go on with it
  8. Juma Nature (Kiroboto) +255-658......08 on 5th april, 2013 late after 23.00. He didn'nt like the idea, he told me that many people have robbed from him in many ways, I could be one who will do the same. He doesn't trust anyone now, but he trusts only the President Kikwete and he believes he is the only saver of the Tanzanian artists in Tanzania no anyone else. Bye, he hanged the phone!
  9. Fella (TMK-Family) +255......14 on 13th april, 2013. He wanted MSOL should start functioning at once and they will be the first group to come to Sweden to get the EDUCATION
  10. Keisha +255-718......50 on 15th april, 2013. She liked and supported the idea
  11. Mzee Yussufu +255-714......71 on 18th april, 2013. He felt that the project was not that important for him and it had nothing to do with him
  12. Dully Sykes +255-713......60. I din't note the date, but he was in hurry for the burial of one of his relatives he asked me to call him back next time. AY, Cpwaa, Ommy Dimpoz and Ally Chocky all of them they highly recommended the idea. Ally Chocky even went further, he suggested that MSOL should buit another Studio in Tanzania and MSOL included his idea in its future program. I talked with the BASATA boss (Mr Materego) about my idea. He just wanted to know with who I am in joint venture in Sweden, I told him that everything it is in my own hand then I lost the commucations with him. I didn't know what happened. But I took his question in MSOL's program to work with other Studios in Tanzania as our partners. For the moment we started the discussions with one of the biggest studio in Mwanza for this deal. MSOL needs two more studios in Dar es salaam

Peters Mhoja / CEO / MSOL - AB


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